Ocean Isle Beach Rules and Guidelines

One of the great draws for visitors to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina is the chance to experience the beautiful beaches up close. Framed by scenic coastline, Ocean Isle Beach is a haven for those who love to surf, swim and soak up the sun. Complete with pristine views, wonderous wildlife and soft sand beaches, Ocean Isle Beach brings a beauty that’s unsurpassed. In order to keep this getaway oasis in prime condition for future vacations, it’s important to understand Ocean Isle Beach rules and guidelines. Learning the limitations helps create a relaxing space that’s an incredible time for everyone.

Since April of 2008, only single-pole umbrellas and small infant pop-ups have been allowed on the strand in Ocean Isle Beach. On July 13, 2021, the Board of Commissioners voted to allow wind-powered sunshades on the beach strand on a trial basis and within certain parameters.  The most common of these shades are Shibumi Shades and Solbello Shades.

Shibumi Shades are available locally at Sunset Beach Trading Company.
or online at www.shibumishade.com

Respect Limitations

Every beach comes with guidelines that are put in place to help protect the natural environment as well as keep visitors safe from harm. Ocean Isle Beach is no exception and when you’re here, make sure to respect the limitations put in place in regards to swimming safety. The beach is a great place to enjoy the sun and surf, but the ocean can be unexpected territory and most beaches have designated swimming areas. Stick to the spaces blocked off for swimming to ensure you don’t encounter dangerous rip currents or disturb animal life. Respecting these Ocean Isle Beach rules keeps beach goers safe and is essential to a successful beach vacation.

Keep It Clean

While a beach vacation can make you feel like you’re on an isolated island far from everyday life, it’s important to remember that the beaches belong to everyone, wildlife included. When you’re done enjoying the activities near Ocean Isle Beach NC for the day, make sure to clean up after yourself. Litter that’s left on the beach poses a hazard to animals who may be tempted to eat it as well as unexpecting pedestrians who may step on it. Out of respect for the environment and fellow beach goers, make sure to keep the beach clean and in the same condition as you found it.

Follow Fire-Free Ocean Isle Beach Rules

While a bonfire on the beach conjures up images of classic summer escapes, it’s absolutely prohibited when you’re visiting Ocean Isle Beach. Safety is a priority and with ever-changing winds, protected dunes and vegetation alongside wildlife, beachside bonfires are never a good idea. Make your beach fun a daytime activity and save the fire for grilling a steak at your rental home once you return for the evening!

Finding Your Vacation Accommodations

The team at McClure Realty Vacations knows Ocean Isle Beach and is passionate about making your stay memorable. When you’re here for a beach getaway, make sure to let us help you find an amazing waterside rental home. Comfortable, convenient and luxurious, we’ll make sure your stay is an incredible customized getaway. Contact us today to learn more about activities near Ocean Isle Beach NC and to book one of our wonderful rentals, including ones right on the beach!