Paddle boarding

Though the sport of paddle boarding has roots in Polynesian culture and has been around for centuries, it’s only been within the last decade or so that stand-up paddle boarding (or SUP) has taken off as one of the fastest-growing water spots that a person can enjoy.

Because of its unique coastal geography, Ocean Isle Beach is the perfect place to try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding! Read on below to learn more about this fun and invigorating activity, as well as which companies can help you enjoy your paddleboarding experience!

Carolina School of Surf

Not only does the Carolina School of Surf offer lessons and equipment rentals for surfing, but it also has an abundance of gear, lessons, and tours available for those who wish to partake in stand-up paddleboarding. A one-hour lessons and tour, priced at a mere $45.00 per stand-up paddler, includes the cost of renting the paddleboard, paddle, and other essential equipment. Lessons and tours are given along the Intracoastal Waterway, where the placid waters make for easy paddling and a scenic route for exploring Ocean Isle Beach.

Surf Unlimited Mercantile

Headquarted in Ocean Isle Beach right on the Causeway, Surf Unlimited Mercantile is a purveyor of SUP rentals and equipment. Here, visitors can rent out kids’ SUP boards, ten-foot and eleven-foot SUP boards, and extra SUP paddles. High-end board brands like Naish are also available for purchase.

Lola’s Olas

Lola’s Olas is another great company that teaches participants how to stand-up paddleboard using in-depth lessons covering general safety, equipment, paddle technique, and board control. The prices at Lola’s Olas include all equipment, such as cutting-edge Riviera and Naish paddleboards and durable carbon-fiber Kialoa paddles. Each lesson lasts for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.

Blue Planet Watersports

Blue Planet Watersports will rent you a paddleboard and even have classes to teach you how!


OIB Surf & Java

OIB Surf & Java is located next to Lowes Foods on the mainland and can outfit you with premium surf gear and, you guessed it, coffee!

Salty's Surf Shop

Salty's has been an Ocean Isle Beach staple since 1983! It's the place to find everything you need to hang ten.

Blue Planet Watersports

Blue Planet Watersports rents surf boards, paddleboards, and will deliver to your rental property.


Summertide Adventure Tours

If you've ever wanted to try out kayaking but weren't sure where to go, let Summertide Adventure Tours be your guide. Hosting guided tours from Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, they will make sure you have a memorable adventure.

Blue Planet Watersports

So you've rented a canal house with a boat dock so you can kayak from the dock, but you need a kayak? Blue Planet Watersports will rent you kayaks and bring them out to your rental property!

Jet Skiing

Ocean Isle Fishing Center

Look no further for jet ski rentals than the Ocean Isle Fishing Center. They have new 3-seater Sea Doo jet skis available for rent for $95 per hour. Call (910) 616-4754 (4SKI) to make a reservation.

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