Frequently Asked Questions

What specials are you running?

Any current specials are listed on our Specials page.

What discounts do you offer?

Some of our home owners offer a discount for booking their properties if you have stayed in the same property the previous year. Not all owners offer these discounts. The amounts range according to what each home owner wishes to offer. Discounts are valid when booking the same property in consecutive years or twice within the same calendar year. Call for details on a discount on a specific property.

Can I get my repeat renter discount when booking online?

Our online booking system is not able to calculate a discount, but you may book your reservation online and follow up with an email or phone call requesting the discount. Or we will be happy to take your reservation by phone during office hours.

Can I pay my deposit with a credit/bank card?

We reserve credit card payments for late bookings or late payments (within 30 days of arrival date). Please make your deposit payment by personal check, cashier's check, or money order. Final payments can be paid by a personal check, cashier's check, or money order. We also can accept e-check payments by telephone and online.

If I missed paying my balance by the due date, how can I pay it late?

A personal check, including an e-check, is not accepted for any payments within 30 days of your arrival date. We can then accept a money order or cashier's check. We will take a credit card by telephone. Within 30 days of arrival date there is no option to pay online.

Do your rental homes have grills?

Most of our rental homes do not have grills. However, grills are available for rent through a company such as Beachway Rentals. You may, of course, bring one if you want, and there are inexpensive charcoal grills at our grocery stores in season.

Do your rentals include linens?

Most of our rentals do not include bed linens or towels. These can be brought from home or rented through a linen rental company. Make arrangements for rental linens early, they do sell out.

If a rental is not pet-friendly, can I pay an extra fee to bring a pet?

Unless the property description specifically lists that the property is pet-friendly, you may not bring any pets to the property. Pet-friendly means dog-friendly.

Do you have properties where we can have a wedding?

We have a few properties that will allow weddings. They are listed here.