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3 Best Spots for Ocean Isle Beach Shopping

As the name suggests, Ocean Isle Beach is the place to go in North Carolina if you are looking for the classic beach vacation. But there are many other reasons people make the trip to this beautiful town on the beach. While it may not be in the name of the town, the shopping opportunities a... View the full post »

Ocean Isle Beach Activities to Celebrate Halloween 2018

While the beach is at the forefront of Ocean Isle Beach’s appeal as a vacation destination, there are many more reasons people love coming here. Many of those reasons come from the natural beauty here, but equally as many come from the community itself. The vibrancy of the community reall... View the full post »

5 Best Healthy Restaurants in Ocean Isle Beach

5 Best Healthy Restaurants in Ocean Isle Beach Ocean Isle Beach has become one of the most popular beaches for vacationers on the East Coast. Of course, the amazing beaches here are a big draw, but unique, local establishments are a big part of why everyone falls in love with... View the full post »

5 Incredible Ways to Spend Labor Day During Your Ocean Isle Beach Vacation

There is no better way to celebrate Labor Day than by finding a beautiful beach and enjoying a weekend of relaxation and adventure. It is certainly up for debate, but Ocean Isle Beach is among the top beach destinations for this holiday. With one visit to these pristine beaches, y... View the full post »

Best Local Restaurants in Ocean Isle for a Quick Bite

With all of the exciting attractions and activities that are found in Ocean Isle Beach, it can be difficult to find the perfect quick and easy restaurant to get your food on the go. Luckily for you, Ocean Isle Beach has amazing local restaurants that serve up fast and c... View the full post »

Day Trips to Ocean Isle Beach

With sandy white beaches and a number of amazing local attractions, Ocean Isle Beach is the premier day trip vacation stop on the entire east coast! Spend a Day on the Beach!  Now let’s be honest here: How could we possibly talk about spending ... View the full post »

Things to Do in Ocean Isle Beach This Summer

While Ocean Isle Beach is most well-known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to this quiet beach town! Each year Ocean Isle Beach and the surrounding areas celebrate the beautiful summer weather in the only way they... View the full post »

Memorial Day Activities in Ocean Isle Beach

If you’ve made the decision to spend this upcoming Memorial Day in the Ocean Beach Isle area, then you surely will not be disappointed! When you combine the incredible beaches with the amount of fun activities we have to offer, it will be sure to create a vacation memory that is... View the full post »

Ocean Isle Beach Food Festivals in NC

One of the biggest benefits of visiting Ocean Isle Beach is the fact that the close proximity to the ocean provides an incredible opportunity for local restaurants to have access to some of the freshest seafood available anywhere, and this is highly showcased by the number... View the full post »

Best Bike Trails Near Ocean Isle Beach

Best Bike Trails Near Ocean Isle Beach One of the more popular beach activities is not swimming, tanning, or even surfing. Believe it or not, riding bikes is something that everyone seems to do, especially in beach towns! Riding around on colorful beach cru... View the full post »

Free Off the Beaten Path Activities in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

We go to the beach for rest and relaxation, but how relaxed can we be if we are worried about the money we are spending? Most vacations are expensive propositions, with the cost of lodging, meals, souvenirs, and sightseeing adding up, but an Ocean Isle Beach vacation doesn’... View the full post »

Top 5 Spring Outdoor Activities in Ocean Isle Beach

Top 5 Spring Outdoor Activities in Ocean Isle Beach Ocean Isle Beach has plenty to offer throughout the year for your vacation, but spring is one of the best seasons to visit our lovely island. We’ve put together a brief, handy list of ways that you can... View the full post »

Fourth of July Week Events

Here's your complete rundown of all of the Fourth of July week events happening in Ocean Isle Beach! Visit our website for more details! Click here!

Two Facilities Offer Interactive Learning Opportunities

Do you have an interest in the natural science, environment, and cultural history of the coastal region of the Carolinas? Do you wish to gain a further understanding of our earth, our solar system, and our universe? The Ocean Isle Museum Foundation, Inc. (OIMF) can help with both! The OI... View the full post »

Exciting additions to Summer fun in OIB

Can we get a round of applause for the Town of Ocean Isle Beach? The town staff has been working hard to offer its visitors an incredible, memorable experience! They have added new activities for family fun for all ages. First, the OIB Summer Market started May 1 and will run every Monday th... View the full post »