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Ocean Isle Oyster Festival

North Carolina invites you and your family to celebrate everything oyster at this year’s 38th annual Ocean Isle Oyster Festival. Every year, Ocean Isle Beach transforms into the NC Oyster Festival and offers a variety of food, crafts, contests and musical performances. ... View the full post »

Top Summer Activities in Ocean Isle Beach

There’s much more to do in Ocean Island Beach than just see the beach. Ocean Isle Beach and the surrounding areas are home to many impressive museums and must-see sites. Our McClure Realty Vacations rentals are located throughout the Ocean Isle area to ensure our guests... View the full post »

2020 Reservations

Reservations for the same property you're in for 2019 can be made during the week you're here. Reservations for a different property must be made after the week is over, if not rebooked by current year guests.2020 weeks that correspond with 2019 weeks that have al... View the full post »

Sweet Treats in Ocean Isle Beach

   Sweet Treats in Ocean Isle Beach While on vacation, your dieting rules go out the window. Fried shrimp? Yes, please. Barbecue sandwich? Sure, why not! Just remember, you can never be too full for dessert. McClure Realty Vacations is steps... View the full post »

NC Wildlife Commission - Fox Sightings

Foxes in Ocean Isle Beach For the latest information from the NC Wildlife Commission regarding fox sightings, please visit the following link.

Beach Getaway to Ocean Isle Beach NC

With all the things to do in Ocean Isle Beach, you'll never be bored! Whether you’re looking for relaxing beach days, or thrilling adventures through the parks and nature centers of Ocean Isle Beach NC. Book one of Mcclure Realty Vacations’ beautiful oceanfron... View the full post »

Eco Tours Near Ocean Isle Beach

Eco Tours near Ocean Isle Beach, NC The breathtaking panorama that Ocean Isle Beach has to offer is perhaps one of the greatest surprises that visitors encounter during their time here, and the best way to take it all in is through one of the many Ocean ... View the full post »

Educational Week in Ocean Isle Beach

How to combine entertainment with education during a week in the Ocean Isle Beach, NC area Day 1: Museum of Coastal CarolinaFar from being a typical place where the artwork is displayed on walls with not much else to offer the visitors, the Museum of... View the full post »

Best Snorkeling Spots in Ocean Isle Beach

When you travel to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, you are probably expecting to be spending the majority of your time by the beach. And who can blame you when the crystal blue water and relaxing beaches are just calling your name? There are just so many things to do at Ocean Isle Be... View the full post »

Upcoming Festivals to Attend in Ocean Isle Beach

The holidays have ended, and the new year stretches out before you.Filled with possibilities and dreams, you just KNOW that this year is going to be the best yet! Of course, the best way to ensure a fantastic year is by planning adventures that will make your soul sing: an afternoon at the ... View the full post »

Things to Try This Winter in Ocean Isle Beach

Winter is our favorite time of the year here in Ocean Isle Beach; days that are still warm enough to allow for long walks on the beaches, nights that are cool enough to snuggle close with your favorite traveling partner, and adventures that are just waiting to be had. If this isn’t how yo... View the full post »

A Party Lover’s Guide to Ocean Isle Beach Nightlife

We’re the kind of people who always appreciate a good party, but if there’s something we have learned over the years, it’s that no one knows how to party better than people in a beach town! Maybe it’s the laid-back atmosphere, or maybe it’s the beautiful people who live in the a... View the full post »

3 Off the Beaten Path Ocean Isle Beach Attractions

When planning your next vacation getaway to Ocean Isle Beach just off the coast between North and South Carolina, you might be looking for something off the beaten path. Ocean Isle Beach continues to be rated one of the best restored beaches on the East Coast and features to... View the full post »

Fun Winter Activities in Ocean Isle Beach to Enjoy Outdoors

With average high winter temperatures hovering in the high 50s to mid-60s, this time of year is great for an Ocean Isle Beach vacation. It's a great winter getaway with mild temperatures and nearly deserted beaches. Pack layers for warm days under the sun and cool nights snuggled by the f... View the full post »

3 Ocean Isle Beach Attractions You Won’t Find in a Guidebook

Thousands of visitors every year find joy in the beauty and slow pace of life that can be found in Ocean Isle Beach. Spending ample time on this beautiful beach and along the charming boardwalk is such an important part of any vacation here, but there is much more to experience off of the b... View the full post »