Wildlife Guide: Ocean Isle Beach NC Activities

One of the most exciting parts of any beachside adventure is the possibility of spotting incredible ocean wildlife! Ocean Isle Beach is proud to host a vast array of water-based wildlife and encourages guests to indulge in opportunities to view these creatures in their natural habitats with the many Ocean Isle Beach NC activities. While many regulations are in place to protect and preserve the area that these ocean animals call home, allowing visitors to experience their wonder first hand is essential in passing along the beauty of the natural world.

Sea Turtles

>These amazing ocean creatures are known for making their way towards their home beach in adulthood in order to lay eggs of their own. For hundreds of sea turtles, Ocean Isle Beach is the final destination when it comes to keeping the species alive and thriving. It’s not uncommon for visitors to witness this homebound migration when visiting Ocean Isle Beach. Adult females wander onto land and lay a large nest of eggs before departing once more. While the process is exciting in and of itself, it’s equally as exciting to witness these nests opening up with a group of baby sea turtles looking to make their way towards the sea. From hawksbill to loggerheads, green to leatherback, Ocean Isle Beach is home to an amazing assortment of sea turtles!

You can learn more about sea turtles from those who devote their time and effort to protecting them every day! The Ocean Isle Sea Turtle Protection Organization hosts weekly Turtle Talks in season, and they'd love to answer any question you have.

Fantastic Fish

Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing fishing trip or hoping to catch a glimpse of some underwater wonders via snorkel, Ocean Isle Beach hosts an impressive mix of fish to enjoy. While you’re here you’re sure to spot largemouth bass and rainbow trout as well as flathead catfish! Snorkeling is one of the top activities in Ocean Isle Beach NC and when you’re a bit offshore, chances are good that you’ll encounter white marlins and a variety of swordfish.

Dolphins and Sharks

Renowned as the most sociable sea creatures around, it’s not uncommon for dolphin sightings to occur near Ocean Isle Beach. While neighboring towns host dolphin watching tours, it’s completely possible to view one or more of these sleek creatures from the strand in Ocean Isle. Traveling in pods, it’s likely that where one is spotted a few others will follow. While a bit rarer, Ocean Isle Beach has had instances of shark sightings as well. While sharks tend to remain reclusive and hang out away from shore, it’s important to remain vigilant for those that do make their way a bit closer to land. Generally docile, sharks are part of an ocean wildlife group that should be constantly respected and reported upon sighting.


Did you know that over 50 species of birds can be found in the Ocean Isle Beach area? Probably the most familiar is the seagull, and we have 3 species of them! At McClure Realty Vacations you can probably tell we're partial to the Brown Pelican, as we've adapted it as our mascot. They can be found in countless numbers during winter feedings in Jinks Creek, the portion of the Intracoastal Waterway behind our office. Ocean Isle Beach is a guaranteed place to spot a variety of birds on your bird watching vacation.

Red Foxes

In recent years it has become more common to see a red fox or two while walking around Ocean Isle or watching the ocean from your deck. Unfortunately, people have fed them so they're not afraid of humans. But it's important to respect these wild animals and give them space and never, ever feed them. Read more about Ocean Isle Beach foxes in an archived newsletter of ours here.

Stay Awhile

When you’re in Ocean Isle Beach to make the most of wildlife watching, make sure the team at McClure Realty Vacations is your partner in finding the perfect vacation rental. With locations that provide top-notch amenities and stunning views, you’re sure to fall in love with your home away from home. Contact us today to start planning your next vacation and to learn more about Ocean Isle Beach NC activities!