Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice

When you're at the beach and it's hot out, there is just nothing more refreshing than a cold treat. Instead of boring old ice cream, why not try a delicious Italian Ice? Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice has been specializing in this gourmet dessert since 2002, and they are excited to share some with you and your family!

Sweet, Cold, and Oh So Good!

Not familiar with Italian Ice? It's similar to a sorbet, or a fruit-based non-dairy treat. It's made like ice cream, but with different ingredients, so it is definitely not like shaved ice, which is ice that has the flavor poured on top. With Italian Ice, the flavor is built right in as part of the dessert, which is part of what makes it so good! It's thirst-quenching, dairy, cholesterol, and gluten free, and the texture is nice and smooth. Sunset Slush NC has over 50 flavors to choose from, so you might have trouble deciding!

At the original shop on Beach Drive (Rt. 179), Sunset Slush also has soft-serve ice cream, which they use to swirl with the Italian Ice into a delicious mix called gelati. You'll have to come by and sample some of the crazy flavor combinations they've come up with!

Down at the Pier with Sunset Slush NC

Sunset Slush NC can be found not only at their original location on Beach Drive, but in many spots around North Carolina, mostly in the form of small family businesses operating pushcarts. There are some opening up in other states as well, so who knows? You might run into a Sunset Slush soon near you! For now, you'll want to enjoy Sunset Slush when you're on the beach at Ocean Isle. There's a shop conveniently located at the Ocean Isle Pier, so you can cool down on a hot beach day.

Special Events, Special Slush!

Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice is also pioneering a new idea that's become very popular at private events around North Carolina: alcoholic infusions of their Italian Ice. The Slush mixes well with alcohol, and they drizzle the alcohol right on top, so you eat your drink with a spoon! They've come up with a lot of great drink combinations, like Almond Delight: amaretto on piña colada Italian Ice, and Lady Soul: Godiva chocolate liquor paired with coconut cream Italian Ice. It's a fun extra that you might consider if you're planning a special event like a wedding or family reunion during your vacation. Hire Sunset Slush to be your bartender!


Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice

Original Shoppe:

6848 Beach Drive SW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC


Pier Shoppe:

Ocean Isle Beach Pier, 1 West First Street