Ocean Isle Beach is an incredible vacation getaway spot that sees thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. While you think you may know quite a bit about the area after one visit, there are still plenty of Ocean Isle attractions to experience. Here are the top things you may not know about Ocean Isle Beach:

Not Naturally Occurring

Ocean Isle Beach is a rare occurrence created from the leftover runoff of the Intracoastal Waterway. While many believe it is a naturally occurring barrier island, it is in fact manmade, having been created in the 1930s.

World War II

Ocean Isle Beach is home to a Thunderbolt jet that crashed during World War II, nearly killing the pilot in the accident. The island was also patrolled by mounted horse units in fear of a German U-Boat attack. This patrol is the only time mounted troops were used by the Coast Guard during their long history.

Nearly Destroyed

Not long after Ocean Isle Beach was setup in the 1930s, Hurricane Hazel made landfall just 20 years later, nearly destroying the entire island. Only two buildings survived this massive storm that is still known for its destructiveness in North Carolina. Since then, Ocean Isle Beach has managed to avoid direct landfall from any further hurricanes.

Presidential Visits

Ocean Isle Beach was visited by George Washington himself during 1791 to visit the Gauses, a wealthy merchant family in the area.

Pirates Life for Me - Ocean Isle Attractions

Around a century before Washington’s visit, the barrier islands in the area were used by pirates to hide from patrolling vessels. These pirate hangouts in what is known now as Shallotte River were often used for years to avoid arrest.

Start of Town

What you see today in Ocean Isle Beach started from the plans and visions of Odell Williamson, who began purchasing land to set up the town. Ocean Isle Beach would not be what it is today without his effort and planning.

Sea Turtles Are Popular Ocean Isle Attractions

One of the most exciting Ocean Isle attractions is the arrival of sea turtles to lay their eggs each year. These majestic creatures will make landfall at the many beaches in the area before returning to sea.

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