Best Bike Trails Near Ocean Isle Beach

Best Bike Trails Near Ocean Isle Beach

One of the more popular beach activities is not swimming, tanning, or even surfing. Believe it or not, riding bikes is something that everyone seems to do, especially in beach towns! Riding around on colorful beach cruisers, feeling the sun beating down on you as ocean breezes relieve you of some of the heat—life at the beach is never better than when you and your family takes a few hours out of your day to experience this thrill. And because we like to make our guests happy, we’ve compiled this list of the best bike trails in or near Ocean Isle Beach and have also included some rental shops that offer a selection of bikes for rent.

Rent Your Bikes Here!

The choices for renting bikes during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation are pretty much limitless, and if you’re looking for a one stop shop, Island Hoppers Bicycle Rentals is a local favorite, featuring adult bikes, children bikes (with or without training wheels), trailers for hauling the little ones around, and some unusual choices as well: adult trikes for those who feel two wheels just aren’t enough, and tandem bikes for romantic rides at sunset. Located at 7161 Beach Drive SW in Sunset Beach, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is helpful and knowledgeable.

Now It’s Time to Hit the Trails

Most of the streets in Ocean Isle Beach are bicycle friendly, especially those near your McClure Realty Vacations cozy condos or cottages. Once you’ve rented bikes for your entire family, just point your wheels toward the beach and ride into the sunset—it’s that easy! For those who prefer to explore via bike trails, nearby Myrtle Beach is home to the Grissom Parkway Trails, a 5.2 mile paved trail that is shared by inline skaters and hikers in addition to being the perfect place to ride your bike with your family. If you’re willing to drive a little bit, the Military Cutoff Trail in Wilmington is a 2 mile long paved trail that allows you to stop and shop or grab a quick meal at the restaurants found along the way. The Gary Shell Cross-City Trail, also in Wilmington, is designed for more experienced bike riders and may not be a good idea for families with young riders; although paved, it lasts for just over 11 miles and little legs may soon tire.

Recover from Your Day’s Adventures

When the sun has set, and you’ve returned your rental bike to the store, the sight of the door to your Ocean Isle Beach cozy retreat will be much appreciated! Pour yourself a glass of wine, take a long bath, and sit back and enjoy all the comforts of home—reserve yours today!