Best Snorkeling Spots in Ocean Isle Beach

When you travel to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, you are probably expecting to be spending the majority of your time by the beach. And who can blame you when the crystal blue water and relaxing beaches are just calling your name? There are just so many things to do at Ocean Isle Beach! When in town, make sure to try out one of the most exciting aquatic activities, snorkeling. Get a completely different look at the gorgeous bays from underwater. Here are the best snorkeling spots in Ocean Isle Beach:

things to do at Ocean Isle Beach

Things To Do At Ocean Isle Beach - Sunset Beach

One of the most popular spots for snorkeling nearby Ocean Isle Beach is right over in Sunset Beach. You can swim out around 200 yards from the beach to get a great look at the coral heads at the bottom of the reef. The water is typically warm and clear, giving you the perfect views of this underwater paradise. A current from the nearby river may bring in some colder water than what you are expecting but it should not scare you away. If you are lucky you may even get to see some of the beautiful colonies of fish that visit just offshore. This is one of the best things to do at Ocean Isle Beach! Enjoy this ideal snorkeling location.


White River

This is one of our favorite things to do at Ocean Isle Beach. While snorkeling in a river may not be as exciting as the ocean, it is the perfect place to practice. The White River features a downstream where you can see local fish swimming around. Practicing in the river is a great way to let the kids get comfortable before swimming out further into the ocean.


Finding the Right Gear

Of course, you cannot enjoy snorkeling off the beautiful North Carolina coastline without the proper gear. For the best in supplies,the only place you need to stop in Coastal Scuba. This favorite dive shop is just down the street from your vacation rental in North Myrtle Beach. You can find all of the necessary gear, including masks, tubes, and swimming fins. They offer gear for rent in case you are not expecting to go snorkeling again after your trip. Rental gear starts at just $10,making it easy on the wallet. Of course, you can always purchase the best gear in the industry and convince yourself to make it a new pastime! It's definitely one of the best snorkeling spots in Ocean Isle Beach.


Book a Stay to Visit the Best Snorkeling Spots in Ocean Isle Beach

Snorkeling is just one of the many exciting activities you can enjoy during your stay in Ocean Isle Beach. Make the most out of your trip with one of our exclusive vacation rentals right off the beach. Contact the pros at McClure Realty Vacations and let us help you find the perfect vacation rental for your stay! Click here to learn more about us!